Barrowmaze Crowdfund Coming in January

BARROWMAZE Crowdfund Announcement:

As I mentioned previously on Google Plus, I’m working on a new crowdfunding campaign set to begin in January of 2014 on Indiegogo.

In case you don’t know, I am the author of Barrowmaze I and II, a popular two-part old school megadungeon that finished second in this year’s Three Castles Award for Independent Game Design at the North Texas RPGcon (NTRPGcon).

In brief, my plan with the new crowfund is to combine the two Barrowmaze books into a definitive single volume entitled Barrowmaze Complete with new material, art, professional design and layout. Ex-TSR artist Erol Otus has agreed to provide the cover art! Woot! Woot!

Alongside Barrowmaze Complete, I am working closely with Richard Scott of Otherworld Miniatures to create a new boxed set of Official Barrowmaze Monsters, similar to the DAB series of fantasy adventurers.

Consider this an early “Save the Date” notice and please keep the campaign in mind in January. More news and details to follow. I would certainly appreciate you passing the word along your networks.


Cast: Raise Dead

I’ve migrated and been doing the majority of my posting on Google Plus over the last few months.

The reasons are logistical. I don’t have to enter a code every time I want to comment and my Ipad seems to really hate some blogs and my comments never appears *sigh*

So, the long and the short – add me via Google Plus :)

I have a new crowdfund planned for early in the new year.

I’ll be sure to post new information here, on G+, and on my blog Discourse and Dragons shortly.

Thanks all.




One of the first reviews of Barrowmaze II has been posted on the blog Under Seige (Stupid ipad won’t let me hyper link, will adjust later).




“You are about to embark upon a grand megadungeon under which I have striven these many months. The eyes of the realm are upon you…I have full confidence in your capacity to pilfer loot, your devotion to XP, and your capacity to flee ravenous monsters.”

That’s right folks – Barrowmaze II has shipped for all those living in the US. The packages will be coming USPS. I have personally packed and shipped each box (with an assist from Dan Proctor). Canadian and international orders will be posted this coming week.